Alice Coffin

Alice Coffin is a French feminist and lesbian activist and a journalist.
She is a coordinator of La Barbe. This feminist activist group led more than 200 happenings in French places of power to underline the domination of men on their boards, stages or programs.
She is currently the co-chair of the French Association of LGBT Journalists, AJL, which she cofounded in 2013. AJL promoted several guidelines to help journalists better cover LGBTI and minorities issues and organised in June 2017 Les OUT d’Or, the first French LGBT Awards.
She is the co-founder of La LIG (Lesbiennes d’Intérêt Général), the first French foundation for lesbians.
She is a co-founder and board member of the European Lesbian*Conference which will in October 2017 gather 400 lesbian activists, artists, politics, journalists from 45 countries in Vienna.
She has been granted by the Fulbright Program for NGO Leaders to conduct a six month survey in the US about the French concept of “neutralité” and how it impacts the way journalists deal with LGBT issues.
Born in 1978, she lives in Paris with her wife, Silvia Casalino, an Italian rocket scientist and feminist film maker, author of the documentary “No Gravity”, a journey about international women astronauts.