Wellesley College, October 20th and 21st, 2017


On October 20th and 21st 2017, the Suzy Newhouse Center for Humanities at Wellesley College, the Consulate General of France in Boston and Sciences Po Paris organize a symposium on women’s rights and gender equality at Wellesley College.

New England has a long tradition of leading the world in pushing forward the women’s movement. At the end of 19th century the Women’s Suffrage Movement had a great global resonance and eventually influenced the feminist movements in France, which also played a major role in the advancement of women’s rights over the last decades.

Thus, gender inequality is still one of the biggest issues that the world is facing today, and in some countries it is a heated debate. Fortunately, the question of women’s rights is finding an increasing echo worldwide and there are ever more numerous events about this topic. Because we trust that gender equality can be achieved through education, we decided to discuss this challenge from an educational standpoint and to debate over the tools to promote gender equality.

In order to have an international conversation about this crucial topic, we invited people from a large range of countries – not only United States and France, but also India, Senegal, Morocco, Guinea, Tunisia, Haiti…

Such an event is an incredible opportunity for those in attendance, especially for students, to contribute to this international conversation.

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This event will present a series of plenary sessions and panel discussions about gender equality over the course of two days (Friday, October 20th-Saturday, October 21st 2017).

You can register here and for more information do not hesitate to browse our program.