The Suzy Newhouse Center for the Humanities

The Suzy Newhouse Center for the Humanities at Wellesley College was established by a generous gift from Susan and Donald Newhouse in 2004 to promote innovative, imaginative and influential research in the humanities, broadly defined. Its mission is to promote and enhance creative, critical thinking in the humanities and the wider arts.

The Center fosters interconnection amongst different parts of the liberal arts institution and seeks out new ways to enable collaboration within and beyond the College. It promotes unexpected and innovative partnerships, both intellectual and practical, and generates an exciting and diverse array of programming and performances for the benefit of the community at large.

We invite you to explore these pages to learn more about the Center and the programming it offers. Unless otherwise indicated, all of the events listed are free and open to the public.



f17ea6_6ad53e259bfc46a9aa7f50eb8948aabf~mv2_d_2867_2199_s_2The Consulate General of France in Boston

The Consulate protects the interests of French residents and tourists in New England, and offers them numerous administrative services including providing passports, identification cards, notary documents, as well as useful information about the country of residence and its legal system. As the local representative of the French diplomacy in New England, the mission of the Consul general of France is also to develop and sustain, in coordination with the Ambassador and the Embassy services in Washington, partnerships with American institutions, and to promote France’s Cultural, Scientific and Business interests.

Please go to to get information on the many activities related to France happening in New England (the territorial competence of this Consulate General covers Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont).




Sciences Po Paris and the PRESAGE program

Sciences Po stands out for combining approaches and confronting different worldviews. This tradition of diversity and multidisciplinary approach makes Sciences Po an active participant in public debate,  a forum where thought meets action.

Sciences Po’s overarching mission is to educate future leaders in the public and private sectors. However, its ambition extends even further: to educate open-minded and enlightened citizens capable of changing the world and transforming society.

The Presage program: A Research and Academic Program on Gender Thinking

In 2010, Sciences Po, is launching a multidisciplinary academic and research program on gender thinking, called PRESAGE. The PRESAGE program will introduce an outlook on gender to Sciences Po’s educational and scientific project, influencing both research and academia.

This program is innovative in a number of ways:

– It adopts a comprehensive approach to gender issues based on a multidisciplinary approach : Economics, Law, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology, History.

– It breaks new intellectual ground by bringing together two fields of research on gender that have not previously communicated much: a philosophical perspective, focused on the construction of a person’s identity, and a socio-economic and historical approach to the construction of inequality.

– The program has an international focus to promote collaborations with researchers worldwide.

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