Students’ Notes

Notes taken by students

  1. Symposium Opening
  2. Plenary Session – What is gender equality?
  3. Plenary Session – Is education the solution for equality?
  4.  Panel Discussion – Gender bias in science?
  5. Panel Discussion – The challenges of co-education
  6. Panel Discussion – From academic to professional success
  7. Panel Discussion – Informal education at the service of gender equality
  8. Panel Discussion – Discussion with the filmmaker Mira Nair on the power of education
  9. Plenary Session – “Gender based statistics”
  10. Plenary Session – Promoting gender equality in public and private sectors
  11. Plenary Session – The impact of role models: three stories of female leadership
  12. Plenary Session – Lecture by Angela Davis
  13. Panel Discussion – What images of women do the entertainment and news industries convey?
  14. Panel Discussion – How artistic creativity can empower women
  15. Panel Discussion – The role of new media in the promotion of gender equality
  16. Conclusions